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Fishing excursions

Embark on L’Escale for a fishing trip, with friends, family or by yourself and join Loris TAMBURINI, a guide in love with his region and genuine sea aficionado.

Whether you are new to fishing or a fisherman with years of experience, he will know how to guide you.

The limited number of passengers allows for activities in small groups and fosters togetherness.
For a private L’Escale of yours, contact us! Privatization of the boat and customizable circuits are available at a favourable rate.

L’Escale offers you several excursion packages:

– Introduction: discovery of fishing techniques, while enhancing the awareness of nature and its prevention.

– Coastal Fishing: vertical and bait casting rod techniques.

– Deep Sea Fishing: vertical, trolling, bait casting and drift techniques.

Boating excursions

Explore one of the most beautiful gulfs of Corsica with its countless beaches, cliffs and rocky coastlines giving way to beautiful coves.

Stretching from Capu di Muru to Campomoro, steep mountains, hidden wild beaches and superb panoramas dominate much of the landscape.

L’Escale takes you on a discovery journey of these idyllic sceneries of turquoise and crystalline water.

Explore the rich, sumptuous seabed and bring back the perfect souvenir snapshot at the “not to miss” swimming spot.


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